Support in developing, conducting and assessing internal training with our expertise in learning design and assessment


A tailored learning solution to help assess, train, and elevate the team’s scientific knowledge, capabilities, and impact on thought leaders and targeted treaters.

After an initial assessment question, Personalized Learning guides each internal participant to 1 of 2 programs on the same topic, tailored to their initial level of understanding.

Each program presents a distinct perspective on the same topic based on criteria such as practice needs, clinical decision-making, or the need for breadth vs specificity of knowledge.


Designed to look hand-drawn, Sketchpad Animation is a short, visually engaging educational reinforcement video crafted to tell a story, summarize content, and communicate the highlights of a core learning activity, event, or conference. Combatting video call fatigue and helping to make the content stick, these eye-catching videos can also be used to visualize a mechanism of action (MOA) or illustrate ‘how to’ techniques, including:

  • Cellular processes
  • Anatomy & physiology
  • Treatment sequencing algorithms
  • Flowcharts depicting clinical management or differential diagnoses
  • Decision-making processes
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